Friday, October 4, 2013

Dana is 13!

What can I say about my bright girl?! Well she is wonderful most of the time and I love her dearly :) After school today I took her and taylor with her 3 good friends to the alderwood mall for a scavenger hunt. We are staying in a hotel room filling up on pop and junk watching chick flicks and swimming. We have laughed like crazy, been told to quiet down by the hotel staff, and played pool games until we were pruned. Total blast! I can't tell you how thankful I am to be her mom :) 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Facebook took over

Wow....I used to blog about my wonderful family all the time! Then Facebook took over! Ugh! I love that I did this for a couple years so my kids can look back and see the story of their lives. It's a beautiful story that I am ever so thankful for. We have too many adventures not to document them. So here I go again. I kick myself for taking such a long break... My kids deserve this for when they get older. We have a good life. Ups and downs for sure but over all a great, wonderful family that rocks my world. Thank you Jesus for this gift.

Monday, February 1, 2010

HAPPENINGS IN THE LAST YEAR (in very random order) :)

Our 10 year anniversary trip to Alaska!

A visit from one of my HLA BFF's Kim and her family!

Jonahs first Marshmellow roast!

Kim Nelson and Beth Turner

Our summer trip to Wyoming

Grandpa Tom and Dana

Ross and the girls on the hills he grew up on

the cousins

Kaidyn and Tay......bffs

Christmas 2009

Black Friday shopping with the mammas!

First day of school for the kids
Levi 4

Dana 9 third grade

Taylor 7 first grade

Taylor and Hunter

Our toy!! A new boat!

Halloween 2009

Danas 9th birthday

A visit to Oregon for Tom and Beckys wedding reception and cuddles from Grandma great!

Alexis and Taylor.....they LOVE each other! Cousins!

Mamma weekend 2009! Best weekend ever!

Jamie and the kids came to visit this spring!

Beach fun!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Seriously?? Why didn't anyone yell at me??!?!

Levi's favorite thing to do is help his daddy.....always fixing!

My cousin Katie had her baby- Evie Louise

Dana loves to play basketball! hmmm....I wonder where she got that. She is just so much taller than all the rest of the kids and they are all her age!

Tay and Levi

Ross got a new flat screen for Christmas! The kids liked the box just as much as the TV.

Christmas Eve- opening PJ's

The girls art desk.....filled to the brim with everything crafty you could imagine.

My babies!

So, I just cant believe how I have fallen off of the blogging wagon! I guess I just haven't made time for it lately. I absolutely hate when people have a blog that is never updated. So, this is my attempt at an apology! Please accept! Here is what we have been up to from Christmas till now!